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Areas of Practice


The division of property during a divorce can be a simple matter or one which can be extremely complex. Property not only includes real estate and household possessions but also includes pensions, businesses, antiques and collectibles, vehicles and equipment, bank and investment accounts, and oil and gas leases.

Attorney Lucas is experienced in evaluating property issues which includes obtaining independent valuations of pensions, businesses and other items subject to division.


When one or both parties have substantial assets or property that they wish to protect in the event of divorce, it is wise to consult with an attorney regarding the preparation of a prenuptial (before marriage) or postnuptial (after marriage) agreement. This document outlines the assets and debts of both parties and specifies their division should a divorce take place. As the attorney preparing the agreement can only represent one of the parties, the second party should retain their own counsel to review the document on behalf of them.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, it is advisable to discuss the issue with your fiancé well in advance of your marriage. This will allow adequate time for the preparation and review of the document without either party feeling pressured to sign an agreement that they have not carefully considered.


Grandparents can have rights to custody or visitation under very specific circumstances. Attorney Lucas has extensive experience in this area and can advise grandparents what rights they may have with respect to their grandchildren. Depending upon the situation, the results can be as varied as grandparents being awarded primary custody of the children to having no custodial rights whatsoever.

Attorney Lucas can explore your individual situation with you to determine what rights you may have.


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